I'm a British contemporary landscape artist. At present, my time is spent between the UK and Mallorca.

Two landscapes that differ in so many ways but are also similar in many others. All landscapes are in constant transition due to the weather and the seasons but more subtle things are also at play.

My work aims to capture this unfinished landscape of perpetual change, with loose brush strokes, first marks and last marks, transparent overlays of nature and an uneasy balance of finished and unfinished areas of work. 

My work is best viewed from the artist's (my) perspective. About two foot away, so you’re in the painting, in nature. You should then take a journey around the painting from here, so you can see how I've precised nature. Only then can you appreciate the painting from a distance. My home page shows images of my paintings from that view point. So please take a look.

​Painting over and outside the lines, both mentally and literally, my work represents the way I look and feel about the world around me.